Speech Analytics from Vaspian

Speech Analytics Software for Business Phone Systems

What is Phone Call Speech Analytics?


It is the ability to take your Vaspian phone call recordings and provide complete and accurate transcriptions of every call separated by speaker.

  • It even has built in sentiment tools to tell you if a customer experience was positive or negative with our Speech Analytics Score Card
  • Allows you to search this data like google for any key word or phrases.
  • Agent and Customer Score Cards allow you to analyze all of your calls to pick up on trends and categorize these calls

Vaspian is a pioneer in this innovation by transcribing all your recordings to text and offering a complete analysis by extracting key words and phrases throughout your business’ calls. Using state-of-the-art high definition and stereo recording, Vaspian can replay any conversation as you read along. Searching through your calls has been compared to Google, simply type in any word or phrase you want to know has been used, and all instances in which those words or phrases were said appear.

Are you ready to discover how to leverage your customer phone calls to create powerful improvements in your business?

Statistics show that the call center and voice channel remains the number one customer interaction channel of choice.

Did you know there’s so much more you can do with all of those call recordings… once you have the right tools, that is?

Your call recordings, if not used to your advantage, are one of the largest non-monetized assets in your company….

call-reports…Now you can turn that data straight into profit.

We offer a powerful and affordable call recording service with cutting edge analytical capabilities from $50 a month. And, better yet, it uses cloud-based storage, so you can have instant access to up to a year’s worth of archived calls, without having to purchase or maintain any additional hardware.


Unlock the full potential of your business with access to searchable records of every detail of every phone call. This kind of technology has, up until now, only been available to big businesses, costing upwards of $250,000. Now, here at Vaspian, we have harnessed this technology to offer any size of business the ability to choose extensions for your service plan that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

costsPowerfully Affordable Call Recording & Speech Analytics Solutions

  • With access to an automated transcription of 100% of your audio, you can tap into a goldmine of data that enables you to:
  • Review more calls, faster.
  • Pinpoint problem areas for agents and implement training to improve performance… fast.
  • Get a detailed understanding of why customers are calling and improve your service.
  • Analyze and solve problems in business processes between departments.
  • Identify which sales tactics are working and which ones are losing you customers.
  • Cut costs by improving both agent efficiency and customer experience – if they only have to call once you’ll reduce the workload too.
  • Get access to immediate feedback from your customers after a new product launch.
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention.
Speech Analytics

You’ll have immediate access to an easy to use interface that catalogues every word spoken, so that you can search for the data you need, just like using Google.

call-dataYou’ll have access to a powerful toolkit that will enable you to put that data into action, including:

  • Trending words and phrases will be listed automatically to easily identify reoccurring problems…
  • A built-in sentiment analysis will clearly highlight both your happy customers and your not-so happy ones…
  • Agent scorecards will clearly define how your people are performing, according to the parameters you’ve set…
  • Customer Scorecards identify why they are calling and recognize potential sales opportunities…
  • You’ll also have the following call monitoring tools for training or handling problematic calls in real time; whisper/coach, silent monitor, barge and steal…
  • Speech analytics will automatically categorize your calls according to the root cause, including speaker emotion, silence time, agent ID, customer ID, site ID, and the other kinds of metadata most pertinent to your business…
  • Automated monitoring of transcribed calls can help call center managers identify compliance issues before it’s too late…

Have access to the real data that can accurately inform and refine your business processes, without having to listen to thousands of hours of recordings. Have the confidence that your agents are following all the government, company and service level agreement regulations essential to mitigating risk.


For only $50 a month, with the additional extensions of your choice, you will have access to critical insights that can determine if your issues are related to people, process, technology or a combination thereof AND have the tools to identify the most effective solutions.

Here at Vaspian, we are excited to offer this cutting edge solution to you – our many happy customers.

It’s the fastest, most efficient, and most accurate speech analytics service available… and now, it’s affordable too.

To access Vaspian’s Speech Analytics Service or even Sign up for an account, click here!

Still not convinced? Watch speech analytics searches in action here:

Still confused? See what speech analytics are and how they work in this infographic: