Business Phone System Features

Get more phone features and better quality for less.

If your business requires a full-scale, multi-line phone system capable of handling high volume use or remote office access services as you expand and travel, Vaspian has you covered.
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    Our communications and networking solutions will keep you in touch both in the office and while on the go.

  • Redundancy and failover services are also available for load management solution, as well as call reporting, recording and monitoring options which will help to organize and automate calling systems.

Getting the phone and data communication systems your business relies on in place, affordably is our ultimate goal, and Vaspian is prepared to assist you and select the business phone services that fit your needs.

Need a multiple line phone system that features multi-location integration? We’ve got you covered.

Business relies on open lines of communication, so don’t rely on just anyone to keep you and your clients in touch.

user-featuresUser Features

  • Mobile Twinning: Simultaneously rings the user’s office phone and cell phone.
  • Voicemail to Email: Receive voicemails via email.
  • Fax to Email: Send / Receive Faxes via email or through the web portal.
  • Hot Desking: Simplify phone moves. Login using your extension and pin to any phone.
  • 10-Way Conference Calling: Link up to 10 calls using the conference feature.

access-featuresAccessibility Features

  • Mobile Softphone App: Make or receive calls via your laptop, tablet or cell phone.
  • Remote Office: Use your Vaspian Desk Phone at home.
  • Multi Desking: Log into up to 4 devices with your same extension simultaneously (desk phone, remote office phone, cell phone, laptop, or tablet).


company-featuresCompany Features

  • Administration of your phone system made easy. Simple yet powerful reporting, call recording and monitoring, and much more.
  • Call Queuing: Handle any peak call volumes by queuing calls and answering them in the order they were received. See wait times, service level and more.
  • Call Reporting: Simple yet powerful reporting on extensions, call volumes, call details, busiest numbers and much more.
  • Call Monitoring & Recording: Monitor, whisper, barge or steal a call. Extension based recording with unlimited storage and 1 year archival.

Call 1-855-Vaspian for more information or to get your business set up for communication success.