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Setting Up the Bria Softphone on Android Devices

Setting Up the Bria Softphone
on Android Devices

Need help setting up your Bria softphone to forward calls from your office phone to your cell phone while you are on the go? This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions. Call Reporting & LeaderBoards Call Reporting & LeaderBoards

The call reporting and leaderboards webinar will show you how to use your phone systems call reports and leaderboards to improve employee performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

Phone System Mobility Tools

Mobility Tools

The mobility tools webinar delves into how you can make the most of your phone’s mobile twinning, hot desking and softphone features.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing & Web Based Queue Monitoring

The call queuing and web based queue monitoring webinar shows you how to use your phone’s queuing features in the portal.

How-To Vaspian Phone Training

How To Use Your New Vaspian Phone

Learn how to transfer calls, forward calls and forward calls to your cell phone.

Hot Desking

How Does Hot Desking Work?

Learn how to login and logout of your Vaspian phone.