Remote Office/Teleworker

Keep everyone in your business together and operating as a team with customized remote and home office hosted telephony systems from Vaspian. Vaspian works with the unique challenges keeping workers connected wherever they go, whether they are at home, on the road, on-site or abroad. Flexible, targeted solutions keep your staff connected so you can serve clients and fulfill projects together, anywhere you are needed.


Centralized reception consolidates all calls into a single location so on-the-go workers can communicate while reception staff can attend to the office. The intercom system allows you to reach any employee, at any location, directly through the speakerphone, while the SoftPhone feature allows you to effortlessly make calls from your laptop, desktop or tablet. The Hot Desking and Multi Desking features let you take your office with you across 10 different devices, where your office number and extension will connect as needed.

remote-officeRemote Worker Features & Benefits:

  • Consolidate calling to a single site and free up staff to do other tasks
  • Utilize resources at any location to field inbound calls
  • Intercom
  • Phone Directory
  • SoftPhone – make calls from laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Hot Desking – log in or out of any phone
  • Multi Desking – log in to up to 10 devices on the same extension
  • Remote Office – take your office phone with you or purchase a separate one for your house or remote location

Bring your work with you anywhere and stay connected with everyone in your team.  Call today to learn more about remote and home office telephony systems from Vaspian.