On-Site Installation & Training

In an era of communications breakthroughs, perhaps one of the most useful advances for any business owner to utilize has been the “cloud-based” storage, where a third party can assist in storing, protecting, and managing services and information at a separate location, with real-time updates available for both the business and consumer. If you are wondering whether a cloud-based is right for your company, consider that the primary benefit is the ability to delegate the management of these intricate information systems to expert hands, while you focus on what you do best, running your business. The team of expert installation techs at Vaspian has performed full installations of our cloud-based communications networking system in over 1000 customer sites all over the country.

If you think you’re ready to join the growing number of companies with easily accessible cloud based systems, we have a few helpful reminders and tips for undergoing the installation and implementation process with ease.

The early stages of design, installation, training and documentation are among the most critical periods for any successful migration.

Vaspian is here to help, and we want to ensure every step of the way, our customers remain informed and educated about their new networking abilities and how to use them effectively to increase productivity.

Project Planning

on-site-trainingBig or small, business phone systems are typically complex and pre-programmed with cryptic business intelligence data. Understanding the various systems used to connect your business currently will be paramount to our team when you’re ready for installation.

Once you’ve been assigned to a Vaspian account manager, a 10-page project plan will be completed, aimed at catching every last detail about your current set-up.  Consider this like a final walk-through before the network is rerouted to include a cloud based service system, individually customized for your usage needs by Vaspian. You can expect questions like:

  • Did you remember the credit card machine?
  • How about the burglar or fire alarm?
  • Do you have overhead paging
  • Postage Machines?
  • Other internet/phone connected devices?

Once this pre-installation questionnaire has been completed, a plan of action for on-site installation will be designed.

On-Site Installation

Vaspian knows that the phone and data connectivity of your office are the heart of your business, and when it comes to keeping you online, you need someone that you can trust. That’s why we understand that simply talking on the phone isn’t always enough to allow us to get to know your needs. During and after the on-site installation of your cloud based service system by Vaspian, our team will take time to photograph their work and your business communications equipment and configuration. This allows for our customer service and IT personnel to view your set-up from anywhere, and help you with training, questions, and concerns more efficiently. Being able to see what you are describing and communicate clearly any instructions for troubleshooting will be the key to getting you back up and running quickly in the event of an issue.

Supporting you with local IT Support Partnerships

Knowing when onsite help is needed and calling in the necessary technicians to take a look is a hallmark of good post-installation service in the IT industry, but what really separates the men from the boys is the ability to broaden service areas using partnerships with local companies.

If your business is located in a city where we don’t already have local support, we will prequalify and develop working relationships with IT service providers near you. This not only grants us the ability to bring you support as quickly as possible, but also to ensure you have ongoing local support with a company who knows their way around your custom Vaspian cloud based services.

If you are a service provider and are interested in learning more about servicing and supporting our customers click here.

The core of Vaspian’s business is the Cloud Based Telephone Service

Vaspian is proud to be the first company to offer a cloud based telephone service to Western New York businesses. We are also among the first companies to do this anywhere in North America. We have already see a demand for our services throughout Buffalo, New York City, Ottawa, Toronto and Wichita, with interest from large service providers who know that cloud based technology is the way of the future.

Call us old-school but at Vaspian we believe in long-term business relationships, and we know a top-performing phone system is the backbone of most businesses.

That’s why we developed a specific approach that will guide and support you all the way from site inspection to installation, and includes ongoing support and service.

Trust Vaspian to help you implement a successful Cloud Based Communications Service that will enhance your business capabilities in the coming decade, and beyond.