Business VoIP & Phone Systems


Vaspian VoIP service for general business has a wide array of functions and capabilities you can use to optimize communications and cut costs.

Vaspian uses the latest technology to give you exceptional call quality and reliability with a host of new functions you can use to make your business more mobile, flexible, and adaptable. From call centers to office buildings, small businesses, local services and more, Vaspian installs and customizes phone services that save you time and money.

Vaspian VoIP service offers new capabilities to make every employee and manager’s day easier, from the secretary to the office manager to the owner.

While providing 99.99% uptime and redundancy to ensure your connections are constantly supported, Vaspian gives you more access on more devices from more places.

Work from home and access the same features you use in the office, including services like:

  • Call Recording
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Cuing
  • Transfers and more.

By synchronizing your internet and phone connections, Vaspian integrates your phone and your computers, allowing you to answer calls, interface with clients, and organize communications online.

Put your business on the leading edge of communicative technology to anticipate market changes and surpass the competition.

Contact Vaspian to learn more about business network services today.