Case Studies


Northtowns Orthopedic – Multi Location

Northtowns Orthopedic is one of Buffalo’s leading and largest orthopedic centers, with multiple locations to support throughout WNY.  Northtowns required an integrated communications system that fulfilled all of the different needs of each center, and that was intuitive, cost-effective and enabled growth potential.

After partnering with Vaspian, Northtowns Orthopedic was able to consolidate their many phone and internet providers with one comprehensive and dedicated service.  With one provider for all calls, internet service, conference calls, transfers and more, any questions about service or billing was directed to one centralized service center, instead of a series of automated responses.  Northtowns benefited most from Vaspian’s centralized in-bound calling, decreasing the time and manpower needed to direct calls to each center, and making it easier for customers to reach the location they needed.

Overall, Vaspian not only provided Northtowns Orthopedic with streamlined billing, exceptional quality and organized service, but also allowed them to save 6 FTE and over $200,000 annually over 8 years of service with Vaspian.  To learn how your company can save money and benefit from additional features without sacrificing call quality, contact us today.

buffalo-lofts-logo – Business Services

Rocco Termini is an accomplished businessman in WNY operating a wide variety of businesses throughout the area, including restaurants, hotels, rental units, offices, design studios and many more.  Rocco Termini has been a friend of Vaspian for many years, and we have continually provided specialized communications services to each of his new, growing and original businesses.

Vaspian provides phone and internet service for Mr. Termini’s business headquarters and rental offices, as well as Tappo restaurant, Mike A’s restaurant, Butterwoods Savory sweets, L2K Designs, Buffalo Spree, BMS Design Studio, RJA Capital and many more.  We provide each business with the services and functions they need, without added costs for those that they don’t.  In addition to internet, calling and a variety of additional functions, Vaspian has provided this differentiated set of interconnected businesses with voice activated auto-attendant answering services to direct calls.  Now, each business benefits from individual functionality and independence with centralized billing and call organization.

If you own or operate multiple businesses in the WNY area and you would like to explore the cost-savings, functionality and convenience of VOIP, contact us today.



DIA Invision Health is WNY’s most trusted MRI and imaging center, handling over 10,000 calls a month. As a healthcare authority, DIA required internet and voice service that would provide 100% reliability for important patient calls, HIPAA patient confidentiality compliance, and crystal-clear call quality. Vaspian was happy to help.

DIA traded their previous VOIP connection for Vaspian, and is now among our longest-standing clients. Unlike other VOIP services, which rely on third-party internet connections, Vaspian equipped DIA with service custom-engineered to handle the traffic, call volume and specialized applications their customers use, so they experience fast internet and exceptional call quality at all times. Vaspian’s automatic failover technology now stops costly blackouts by reverting to secondary phone or internet providers in the event of a service error. HIPAA-compliant vFax service secured patient confidentiality when faxing, while call center reports like the Busiest Hour report enabled more effective use of employee scheduling.

“One of the best decisions I have ever made.” – Brian White, Practice Manager, DIA

Learn how to prevent dropped calls and downtime, enjoy higher call quality and take advantage of amazing features at your office. Contact us today to receive a quote for your phone and internet service, and learn more.

Oliphant Financial

Oliphant Financial was utilizing a national cloud-based phone service for their call center.  After experiencing repeated dropped calls, downtime and low functionality, Oliphant Financial turned to Vaspian for VOIP phone service.

Oliphant Financial’s previous service was relayed over a third-party internet service with no consideration of Oliphant Financial’s customer needs, traffic, or voice services. Vaspian’s connection is tailor-made for Oliphant Financial’s needs, and prioritizes customer services and features to provide unmatched speed, call reliability and call quality.  Oliphant Financial immediately benefited from other distinctive features, such as the Click to Dial service and integrated Collections Management System.  This allowed them to make calls faster and with less error, increasing overall productivity by 30%.  With Vaspian’s Contact Center package, we include unlimited call recording and storage for free, providing customers with a simple and affordable means to keep pace with today’s ever changing regulatory and compliance needs.  Call monitoring and call reporting tools allowed managers to monitor, whisper barge, steal live calls when needed, from their office, or even at home from their tablet.

If you are dissatisfied with your current VOIP service, give us a call to learn more about phone and internet services that are customized for your traffic, call volume, call