Call Center Phone Systems

call-center-workerFor call centers, clarity, reliability and functionality are essential.

Vaspian is a call center phone systems hosted telephony provider that provides unmatched quality through cutting-edge technology, giving you more features and better management at a lower price.

Vaspian’s call center phone system solutions are tailored specially for the high call volume and clarity demands of call centers, with features to make calls faster and more effective.

Vaspian utilizes a “belts and suspenders” approach with regards to infrastructure, to eliminate downtime and provide the most reliable solution available .

If carrier outages occur, the system will automatically failover to your redundant connection, so you never suffer from expensive outages.

Take advantage of unlimited call recording and one year of free storage and archival, as well as dozens of other amazing features.  Monitor, whisper, barge or steal any call, and see call reports in a web browser or on a TV monitor.

Call reports allow you to see the busiest hour and busiest staff member, and build other reports that managers can use from any device.

With call queuing, automated queue management, selective call routing, hot desking and other features, visitors waiting in the queue enjoy an attentive and organized experience.

quality-assuredDedicated Connectivity to ensure the quality of every call

  • Vaspian provides private connectivity solutions and the hardware needed to ensure that every call sounds crystal clear.

automatic-failoverBelts & Suspenders Infrastructure w/ Automatic Failover

  • Downtime is expensive; we can keep your call center up with an inexpensive internet connection
  • Don’t worry about calling the IT Department; If you have an carrier outage your service will automatically failover to your redundant connection.

call-recordingCall Recording

  • UNLIMITED Recording
  • Free 1 Year Storage
  • Simple search and archival

call-monitoringCall Monitoring

  • Monitor
  • Whisper
  • Barge
  • Steal

call-reportsCall Reporting

  • Build Reporting groups to easily see the data you want to see
  • Manage Staffing needs with our Busiest Hour Report
  • See how long agents were logged in during each shift
  • Reward employees for exceptional productivity with our Busiest Hour Report
  • Find any call with ease

wallboardCall Wallboarding

  • Display call stats in a web browser or output them to a TV
  • Manage call center stats at a glance from any internet connection
  • Integrate data from a third party system and correlate the with telephone stats

call-queueingCall Queuing

  • Callers hear position in queue
  • Automate Queue Management with overflow groups
  • Agents can sign in and out of queues
  • Selective Call Routing

vaspian-integrationVaspian Integration

  • Click to Dial
  • Inbound Screen Pops

remote-officeRemote Agent & Hot Desking

  • Agents can sign in to a phone at any location within your office or even from a remote phone, or softphone
  • Allows for agents to easily move around with
  • Provides disaster recovery and ease of

Increase the efficacy of your workers and the quality of your call center with 100% reliable service from Vaspian.  See the case studies to see what Vaspian has done for other area call centers and how you can benefit.